Shiga Electric Scooter Reviews | Is It Worth Buying Or Not?


The electric scooter is trending nowadays and increased fuel price makes them more popular. Shiga electric scooters are the best qualities in electric scooters. We are going to discuss whether the Shiga scooter is worth buying or not.

Shiga Electric Scooter Reviews

Shiga electric scooter

Here we are going to talk about the features of the Shiga electric scooter

1. Good plastic

Shiga electric scooters, use the best plastics. It will not mold quickly. Sometimes we find that a little push can make a big dent in the vehicle but in this activity, we use the best plastic.

2. Quality tyers

They use the best quality tyers. Their life is longer than other local tyers. They use tubeless tyers. That will make The rate of deflation in tubeless tyres lower than the tube tyers.

3. Indicators

Indicators are a must-thing in any vehicle. In normal electric scooters, they use normal indicators that will consume more battery but in Shiga scooters, they use led lights that didn’t consume extra battery life.

4. Speed

In a normal electric vehicle, we see that it normally speeds 40 km per hour but in Shiga electric vehicles they give you 50 km per hour speed. speed is the main feature that adds an advantage to the electric scooter.

5. Battery

In this scooter, they use a 12Vh battery. That is also rechargeable. On one charge we can drive it for 60 to 70 km.  That is also a reason we can say electric scooter is better than petrol scooter after seeing the increasing rates of fuel.

There are many other functions also we have parking lights in it like we have in cars. We can use it in marking our scooter. It has also a shift button that helps you to make the speed lower.

It also has a D/R button that is for the back gear. And many more functions.


Electric scooters are the best for today’s life. It’s not only beneficial for people but also for nature. It didn’t affect nature. In Shiga electric scooters, we have many good reviews we can use them for daily life. In their scooter, they use good quality plastic and tyers. It can be worth buying. For the best electric scooter must contact Yukie motors.


  1. Is it worth buying an electric scooter?
    Yes, an electric scooter is worth buying. It not only saves your expanse on public transport but is also nature friendly. It can save you the daily rising price of fuel.
  2. What is the battery life of an electric scooter?
    The battery of an electric scooter can last for 3 to 4 years and between 3000 to 5000 miles. It all depends on your storage and use.
  3. Can we charge an electric scooter daily?
    It’s not important to charge it after every ride or every day. It’s better to keep the battery between 30% to 80%.

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