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Wants to feel the classy Italian looks, here comes the “Teaser”. By its name, it’s a teaser of a range of stylish electric scooters. Apart from its stylish looks, Teaser is packed with a bundle of features. Teaser brings out the young in you. You will love to drive extra miles on the city roads once you throttle up this stylish machine.


Now here it comes to our next model that is Teaser.By its name ,this is a kind of a teaser to the picture of electric scooters. But apart from others this also has a special feature of the stylish look. So this can be known for its stylish looks in all kinds of variant models.So ready to ride with a stylish scooter kind of look.
Let’s take a step towards a pollution free environment.

Product Performance

Teaser comes with a motor power of 250W and a motor voltage of 48/60V which results in the better performance of the vehicle.It can take 8-10hrs to fully charge which can run it to 55-60 km. It also comes with a drive type as a Hub motor.A hub drive directly applies torque to the wheel, operating independently of your bike’s gears.

8-10 HOURS

Per Charge Time


55-60 KM

Per Charge Range


48/60 V

Motor Voltage

Teaser specification

Why You should buy it

When one thinks of an electric scooter, one worries about affordability, range and battery life. With our Teaser model, one can glide through the distance with a companion, emission-free & anxiety free. Made for India,Teaser – The Serene Ride.

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