Tarzan Electric Scooter Reviews


Today electricity is very popular nowadays. We are searching for the best electric scooters in India. Here we are discussing the best electric scooter in India. So we will talk about the Tarzan electric scooter by Yukie motors.

Qualities of Tarzan electric scooters Tarzan scooter

Tarzan Electric has a lot of advantages that we are going to describe.

1. Charging 

We can ride for around 60 to 70 km on Tarzan electric scooter. It takes 5 to 6 hours to charge fully. And the most essential thing it takes less than a single unit of battery to charge. That’s the reason electric scooter is better than petrol scooters.  There 6 batteries in this scooter. 


2. D/R

D/R stands for drive and reverse. Through D mode, we can drive straight. But with R will go reverse. That is a good function of this Tarzan electric scooter. 


3. Modes 

There are many modes in this Tarzan electric scooter. The first mode is parking mode in that mode all indicators will be started. The second mode is shift mode. In shift mode, there are 3 gears. There is also auto mode. In auto, mode scooter runs at normal speed. 


4. Sensor

There are Senser in the Tarzan electric scooter. That protects you from theft. This is also an advantage of an electric scooter.  When you lock your scooter and anyone touches it sensor is automatically on and it starts hooking. 


5. Bracks 

They use dusk bracks for both tyers. Through dust bracks, there are fewer chances of an accident  


6. Tyers 

Tarzan electric scooters, use tubeless tyers. The life of tubeless tires is more than that of normal tyers. From tubeless tyers, scooters can run smoother.


There are many other options also. There is an MSB option. If you `don’t want to use your scooter for  2 to 3 days you can turn off your scooter MSB which will help you to not decrease your battery. 


There is also a section for the mobile charger. You also got one year of warranty for the battery and charger. The battery will auto-cut after fully changed. They use the led battery in the Scooter which gives you an average of 60 to 70km. You can replace it with a lithium battery then which will give you 75 to 100 km on average. The electric scooter is also a wave of the future



Nowadays people use more electric scooters than fuel scooters. And we are telling the best shooter in India. Tarzan scooter gives the best scooter life and the best ride. It has many functions. They use tubeless tyers, they use parking lights, they use disk breaks. And many more details you can contact Yukie motors. 

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