8 Pros of Electric Vehicle in India (Buy Right Now)


I think you might have heard that electric vehicles are the future of mobility. But I’m sure you will definitely believe it after reading this blog. 

I must tell you that the future is already here. Because India has already welcomed EVs and people of India are gradually starting to buy electric vehicles.

Now we can definitely say that future is today! So why not buy an EV? As we are here for you with Yukie electric vehicles

Please come and have a test drive and still if you are not convinced, here we present lots of benefits of EVs in India.

Bye-Bye Loud Noise

EVs do not make any noise at all, because they are not having an IC engine under the hood to make any knocking sound. 

So buying an electric vehicle is the same as protecting our environment from noise pollution automatically.

Bye-Bye Fuel Price Hikes

With the rising of petrol and diesel prices, it is very difficult for the common man to maintain an IC engine vehicle. But when you choose an electric vehicle you need not worried about the fuel hike prices.

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No more Air Pollution

EVs are comparatively quieter and they do not produce greenhouse gases. They do not contribute to any type of air pollution. 

Low Maintenance

An electric vehicle is easier to maintain because as compared to combustion engine vehicles, it does not have so many complex mechanical parts. Thus it required minimal maintenance only. That means you can save more money in your pocket with an EV.

Charge at your Convenience

Do you know that your home can be your personal EV charging station? Now with the purchase of an EV, you will escape from long queues to fuel up because you can charge your EV at your home for 4-5 hours to fully charge your battery.

Fun Driving

Driving an EV is just full of fun. All the electric vehicles in India are “gearless”. So they require little to no skill to drive. The ride on an electric vehicle is extremely pleasing, just with the balancing technique.

Environment Friendly

The list of pros of EVs is simply not complete without mentioning how environmentally friendly they are. Our motherland is degenerating day by day due to pollution.

But with the purchase of an EV, we can contribute to improving eco-friendliness automatically.

Future Proof Vehicle

As fossil fuels are depleting, there will be a time when we cannot get them anymore. That’s why the Government has taken up the initiative to move towards electric vehicles. Thus there is no doubt to say that electric driving is the future for our future generation.


Oh wow! I couldn’t even think about so many advantages Evs have, could you? I’m sure that now you are quite convinced about the pros of electric vehicles in India. As EVs have so many advantages, no one can be confused in their buying decision. So if you looking to buy one, you can contact Yukie electric scooter and book a test drive today!