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Best Electric Scooter Company In India

About Yukie Motors EV

Yukie Electric India is an Indian electric two wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2018 by a group of professionals with a mission to create two wheelers that can drive our present towards a sustainable future.
Yukie Electric India and the whole team can proudly say that we are the smartest, innovative and the best electric scooter company in India company which is creating an environment friendly, cost effective, affordable and futuristic product. In the span of past years, Yukie motors has experienced massive growth. Our Electric Vehicles Showroom as well as dealers are available in many of the cities! Most importantly, keeping the margins low for the products, the company is heading towards building trust and educating the customers, rather than focusing on the profit.
Now you don’t need to find best electric scooter in India. Yukie Motors are here – we have started this business from the ground up and with time we are improving and increasing.
With the purchase of Electric Vehicles, you are thinking not only about you but it is like you are working for a heavenly earth! As of now, we have served thousands of Customers. We are a huge team of skilled workers, managers and employees in service of dealers and customers.
Let’s take a step towards a pollution free environment.

At Work

At Yukie Electric India, our engineers are working in a factory where world class quality and safety standards are followed to manufacture best quality eco-friendly vehicles.
From the beginning to the finishing, every product goes through more stringent durability and reliability tests than it faces on the actual road. So, The Customer will get the best quality product that exceeds their expectations at every point of time.

Why Yukie vehicles?

The fastest-growing India best electric scooter brand with thousands of satisfied customers.

Best Electric Scooter Company In India

10-12 HOURS

Per Charging Time

Best Electric Scooter Company In India

65-70 KM

Per Charge Range

Best Electric Scooter Company In India

60/72 V

Motor Voltage

Our Featured Products

Best Electric Scooter Company In India


TARZAN  comes with different classification like our other variants so it is quite suitable by which it is different to our other models of scooters. As this comes with a longer seat and big body which allows you to have a comfortable kind of ride.


Wants to feel the classy Italian looks, here comes the “Teaser”. By its name, it’s a teaser of a range of stylish electric scooters. Apart from its stylish looks, Teaser is packed with a bundle of features. Teaser brings out the young in you. You will love to drive extra miles on the city roads once you throttle up this stylish machine.
Best Electric Scooter Company In India
Best Electric Scooter Company In India


Shiga is as much beautiful as its name sounds. Shiga can be considered the best option/choice related to buying any electric scooter. It comes with a great braking system, which is essential for staying safe and in control while riding a two-wheeler. The sleek and elegant DRL adds to the sporty looks of Shiga. It comes in two options- Shiga and Shiga+ with a slight difference in looks and features.


Yuvee std comes at a very affordable. It is somewhat like an upper version of our model X6. It enhances the above lines to stop the cars and go on our eco friendly scooters. Yuvee std scooter battery packs are made up of many individual cells that are assembled together.Batteries are the “gas tank” of an electric scooter.
Best Electric Scooter Company In India

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